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02 Oct 12 Responsive web design? Today’s tools just aren’t up to the job

Responsive web design is definitely adding a bit of excitement to the webmaster community and the business community because of the new opportunities that it represents. Being able to combine development and design of websites is a functionality that has long been missing from the overall functionality of websites. However, today responsive web design is …more

02 Oct 12 Microsoft May be Required to Pay $7 Billion for EU Fine

Thanks to the alleged breaking of a 2009 agreement with the European Union, Microsoft may face a fine of up to $7 billion. The agreement, which was part of an antitrust settlement, required Microsoft to offer users a choice of preferred browsers on its units marketed in the EU. The ballot screen that gave users …more

02 Oct 12 EU Antitrust Regulators To Probe Microsoft Over Browser Choice

Microsoft has found themselves under the scrutiny of the European Commission Antitrust (EU) division again. The EU is accusing Microsoft of not offering European customers the ability to choose their own browser, in accordance with a 2009 settlement. The EU reported that they had received many complaints over the “browser ballot” screen. The browser ballot …more

02 Oct 12 Tumblr haunted by stored (persistent) XSS flaw

Security threats can be present nearly anywhere on the web and one doesn’t necessarily have to download an infected application to have their PC’s security compromised. In June, a security researcher has uncovered a potentially serious security hole in the social blogging service called Tumblr. The vulnerability discovered was an XSS (cross site scripting issue), …more

17 Aug 12 Download Apple Safari 6 Final

If you like the Safari browser, then you will be interested in this. Safari has been a long-time favorite of Mac users due to its quick loading times, smooth interface and multiple features. Apple is now ready to publish the final version of Safari. Called Safari 6 Final, this version has many new features that …more

17 Aug 12 Internet Explorer Loathes Itself

Microsoft’s flagship browser, Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) marks the third “third time’s the charm” milestone for the company. The most pressing issue that the newest version addresses is the difficulty some users have had in uninstalling the program; now, IE9 also serves as the Windows browser used to navigate through – among other things – …more

08 Aug 12 Firefox Beth for Android Brings Tablet Support

Firefox Beta has recently been unveiled for Android. What makes this version different from previous ones is that it is not only available for Android smartphones but can be used on tablets as well. Firefox Beta for Android tablets is essentially a mirror of what users have come to expect and enjoy from the browser …more

05 Aug 12 Download Google Chrome 21 Final

The newest stable version of the Chrome web browser from Google has been released. Many of the changes that are in Chrome 21 take place under the hood. A long list of bug fixes, security upgrades and tweaks that will increase performance make up the bulk of the new code. Some support has also been …more

05 Aug 12 Windows Phone 8 Internet Explorer 10 Features Leaked

Microsoft’s Windows 8 is expected to see release in October 2012, with its mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8, and new smartphones following suit in November. Windows Phone 8 is expected to be unveiling a variety of wonderful new features that should grab the attention of consumers and steer them toward opting for a new …more

05 Aug 12 Opera Now Has 200 Million Mobile Users

The latest web trends report released by Opera Software, developer of the Opera web browser, announced that their mobile versions (Opera Mini and Opera Mobile) are now being used by more than 200 million people worldwide. This represents a growth of more than 47% year over year. Opera Mini users make up the majority, with …more